1.  The first step is to complete our Sign Up Form and Create your Portfolio, then upload (submit) your  
      photos. You will be able upload two photos. Your additional photos and clips will have to be
      submitted separate.
E-mail as your video audition to service@newtalentonline.com .
      Video clips submit with your e-mail. Most E-mail providers allowed to send files up
      to 10 MB.  Bigger files you will have to submit on CD with mail to address above.
      Emailed photos will be accepted in .jpg, .gif, .psd and .Tiff  formats only.

You may submit your photos by E-mail or mail.
     You may submit your registration form online or print the form and send it to us by mail. 

2.   Once we receive your registration and photos New Talent On Line will prepare and submit  your
      photos to the top international modeling agencies and scouts representing over 100 agencies
      within 24 hours after they are received.

3.   Your photos will be reviewed by the agents and scouts to determine your potential to work in a variety
       of markets including New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo...
       United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain, Argentina, Turkey,
       Czech Republic, Australia ...

4.    After completing the "Sign Up Form" and Creating your Portfolio you will then choose a
       Membership  Type ranging from Basic account to Silver and to Gold accounts. The higher your
       account, the more features you have on the site and the higher you come up in all Casting Searches.   
       Check out the Membership Packages & Prices. After payment your site will be activated immediately
       with 2 uploaded pictures.
       You will be reviewed and you will receive an email, within 10 business days, advising you if an
       international agency is interested in working with you. If you are offered a to work with us all details will
       be  given to you at that time. Depend  on "Membership Type" you will be able to upload more pictures
       and   videos. We will create your  Portfolio Album and Video display.

5.    You may browse certain parts of the site without becoming a member. Most features of the site,
       however, are available only to members. All eligible individuals, as described above, may become
       members by providing us  with the appropriate information and paying the specified fees to
       subscribe. Your membership will last for the length of the term for which you choose to subscribe,  and 
Itís for all aspiring models and talents - kids, teens, males, females, swimsuits, plus sizes, part modeling, lingerie, high fashion, catalogue, runway, editorial, film and television.
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will entitle you to access all features of the site during that period. New Talent
On Line reserves the right  to terminate your membership early if you violate
Terms in any fashion.

When client book you to there project/ job:

All Members, will be contacted by interested agents who will send
you a message, and you will be notified by e-mail or by us with phone.
Modeling Agencies New York
Modeling Agency for print & fashion
Now seeking ages 9 & Up!
Post a professional looking photo. Check out our
Photo Tips :
If you want to get ahead in the industry you have to be willing to take and upload professional looking photos.Your main photo will automatically be sized-down to thumbnail size for casting searches (although the photo you upload should be large enough to fill your entire screen). Casting agents need to clearly see your face in this shrunk-down thumbnail version. Your face or body should take up almost all of the screen. Nothing obstructing your face including hats, sunglasses and hair. Good color and contrast. Reflects you naturally without lots of makeup. Clear simple background (not in your living room!). Professional looking (even if taken by a friend) without red-eye or low quality. Casting agents regularly browse through our member portfolios and they have specific requirements that if not met, will lead them to pass you over every time.
WHAT to avoid:
1.No - absolutely no - webcam photos. 2.No more than one photo of yourself in each frame - meaning no collage of photos. 3. No hats, sunglasses or hair in your face. 4. No blurry or grainy photos
. 5. No cluttered background (not in your living room / bedroom!). 6. No text or border.
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