Dilano D-Lo
Age 19, Musician / Rapper - He love “Shady Records” and want to have his own record with them.

Fred  Perrotti - "KNUCKLEBONE"
Age 43,  Musician - Knucklebone is an in your face driving rock and roll band. 

DeeJay Buras
Age 25, Model - His experiences include runway, fashion, print, and commercial.
Michelle  Mckelly
Age 29, Actress / Model - She has BA in communications with a focus broadcast journalism. She can work on both sides of the camera.
Timothy A. Smith
Age 24,  Model / Actor - He is "Men of Pensacola Calendar/Mr. December 2011"
and Abercrombie & Fitch Seasonal Model.

Dorothy Youmans
Age 24, Actress /  Model - commercial print, runway and promotional model, as well as a stunt/actress. She have been doing fashion shows, extra work in movies, working her way up to a featured extra.
Richelle Chatarpaul
Age 17, Musician - She love music, making it and performing it.
Kalvin Evans
Age 39,  Actor / Fitness / Adventure - He use skills and passions to teach to be extraordinary - to prepare for the adventure of life.
Nicole Rada Bubenik
Age 21, Actress / Model - She have a wide-range of modeling experience past three years with studio and outdoor shoots, book covers, nudes, lingerie, fitness, prints, figure drawing modeling,  in NYC.