Darian Gorman
Age 18, Actor - Skills: Martial Arts, including Brazilian Jiujitsu, Krav Maga and mixed Martial Arts
Brandon  Bartanusz
Age 12, Actor / Model - He like to ski, ice skate and play hockey.

Shakena Spellmon
Age 23, Actress - She has experience in stage-crew, improvisation, mime, projection, directing a play.
Ginai  McAllister
Age 19,  Model / Actress - She is dreaming of becoming a Super Model.
Age 22, Actor / Model - He has the style, swagger, looks, athletic body and self-confidence.  He recently filmed his first movie and also earned a lead role in the film "The Time Is Right."
Keonta Coleman
Janene Francesco
Age 34, Model / Actress - She used to model back in the days and she is always told, that she should still be modeling now.
Age 20 Model - She love to take
a pictures and pursuing modeling.

Lane Rossi
Age 22  Actor - He just move back to NJ from LA and I would like to get representation out here. He love to dance.
Mike Antonucci
Age 20  Model / Actress - She love to take pictures and be model represented by agency.
Kerlande Ordeus